Project Manage your Aircraft Deliveries and Re-Deliveries with CARDS®

The CARDS® Software allows Aircraft owners to track the Delivery and Re-Delivery process in real time.

Giving you full access to the Aircraft records from anywhere in the world

CARDS® – Civil Aircraft Remote Delivery System is a ground breaking software platform designed by CloudCARDS Ltd. to support the technical review and management of aircraft for aircraft delivery / redelivery in addition to indexing and archiving the records online.

The CARDS® Tablet APP has been built and is ready for use on any Aircraft inspection or delivery using an Android tablet. The APP can work even without an internet connection during the onsite inspection and will easily sync up to the platform once you get back within connection range.



Simplify Aircraft Project Management.

Built on everything we have learned from experience, Our applications deliver simplicity & results on complex assets.

The CARDS® Software will allow Aircraft owners to track the Delivery and Re-Delivery process in real time, whilst giving them full access to the Aircraft records from anywhere in the world.

Drag and drop Delivery Book content

Load files or folders directly from your computer

  • 20 GB Storage per Aircraft

    We have found that a typical widebody aircraft generates 15GB of documentation or so over its lifetime

  • Clear separation between Current and Next Operators

    Add, Delete, Review, Approve, Reject or Update documents depending on your role

  • Drag and Drop Files or Folders of files

    The system can accept most file types and allow you to view or download. We can also provide a link to download an entire section or delivery book if required.

  • Templates to suit your business

    Delivery book format can be your own standard or one of our templates on a project by project basis

  • Subsystem movement possible

    We can move your engines or landing gear from one asset to another if required during a project

Ask us about data migration.

If your asset documentation is on any services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or, just let us know and we can create an integration for you to migrate the data.

Keep track of your Asset condition during its operation and at Re-delivery time and any Issues created during the life of the project can be managed on our Issues project management page

Inspect your AIrcraft anywhere it goes.

With our fully native CARDS Android app, You can Inspect your Asset anywhere in the world even without internet connectivity. Everything is in sync once you reconnect.

    Project manage all your AIrcraft Issues in one place.

    Tired of multiple revisions of the excel snag list?. Set up your Aircraft on CARDS and Project manage the Issues created during a check with full oversight in one central location.


    We have integrated PayPal into CARDS so that its easy to use and onboard an Aircraft to the system.

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