About us in CloudCARDS.

Our Mission

The long term objective in CloudCARDS Ltd. is to dramatically reduce the cost of aircraft asset management and improve the visibility as well as oversight the owner has on the asset.

Our initial focus was to develop a software platform to revolutionise the Aircraft Delivery, Re-Delivery & Asset Management process and lower costs for its customers. The initial software platform we developed is called CARDSĀ® (Civil Aircraft Remote Delivery Systems).
Our Second System AMS is a comprehensive system aimed at both leasing companies and airlines to manage the day to day technical and financial transactions required to maintain a profitable asset. The product will also encompass forecasting and cashflow analysis to help the aircraft owners to manage their assets into the future.

The commercial aviation sector is well known as a high end market for advanced technology and development. The benefits of aviation are undeniable in any economy of the world. This high tech business that involves the transportation of billions of people annually as well as cargo has to be regulated to ensure safety. This regulation, which is at international, national and local level, varies dramatically across the globe.

Our History

Our aircraft asset management company formed in April 2013.

  • APRIL 2013

    Company Formed and CARDS was launched.

  • MAY 2014

    Won first large contract

  • JANUARY 2015

    Started R&D work on Developing our AMS system

  • AUGUST 2016

    Development Kickoff AMS system

  • October 2017

    Test Launch of AMS system

  • December 2017

    Production Launch of AMS system

Meet our awesome team.

Built on everything we have learned from Experience, Our applications deliver simplicity & results on complex assets.

Brian FitzgeraldCo-Founder/Managing Director

Barry FitzgeraldCo-Founder/CTO

Dr. Alina Salikhova Marketing


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