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  • BBAM

    "BBAM introduced the CloudCARDS system onto a number of recent..Read more...

    Maurice Prendergast | Vice President Technical "BBAM introduced the CloudCARDS system onto a number of recent aircraft transition and acquisition projects and found it brought both structure and efficiency to each specific project which was critical to the tight timelines associated with each project. The transparency of information flow and speed of activity closure were just two of its immediate benefits. User interface was excellent and all who used it on both sides of the transaction found it invaluable. In our experienced opinion, the use of CloudCARDS has been extremely worthwhile, a system we will use again and has reinforced our belief that we can always continue to improve the way we do things. We highly recommend it."

    If the PDF cannot be displayed, download from here: http://www.cloudcards.ie/img/bbam.pdf