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  • Brian Fitzgerald Managing Director Brian is a passionate entrepreneur and a highly experienced Aircraft Engineer. Brian started his path in Aviation from the University of Limerick with Aeronautical Engineering. Brian worked for Lufthansa Technik/Shannon Aerospace for 16 years continuously obtaining and improving his skills during which time he became a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. Based on this experience in Aviation Brian started his first enterprise; Civil Aviation Services Ltd. (CAS) which is successfully operating since 2006. In the meantime Brian has received a Diploma in Aviation Law & Finance awarded by the Law Society of Ireland. As the most of work in CAS was related to aircraft technical asset management there was a big niche for a software optimising this process. That is when CloudCARDS Ltd was born.
  • Barry Fitzgerald Founder and IT Director Barry started out in Prototype Design and development with McDonald Engineering where he worked for six years in Ennis, Co. Clare. Following this he continued on his career path by attending University of Limerick studying Mechanical Engineering.
    Barry entered Aviation in 2012 when he joined Civil Aviation Services Ltd. Engineering Department. After joining he developed the idea for CARDS® with Brian Fitzgerald. CloudCARDS Ltd. was formed in 2013 and Barry spent over a year developing our initial release of the software side by side with professionals from the USA who formed our software platform CARDS®.
  • Dr. Alina Salikhova Marketing Director Alina was born in Russia. She joined the team of CloudCARDS Ltd. since the very start and has graduated from the University of Limerick in 2014 with a Diploma in Technology Commercialisation.
  • David Clarke Technical Services Engineer

    Dave has graduated from Dublin City University with the degree of Master of Science (MSc), Mechanical Engineering, 2.1, where he previously became a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Manufacturing Engineering with Business Studies. Dave’s experience started as a Payload Engineer with Bionetics Corp., Cape Canaveral, Florida where he worked as part of a team of highly qualified engineers tasked with launching a payload on a NASA shuttle. Dave then joined the team of our sister company Civil Aviation Services Ltd, where he worked as an Aviation Consultant for 6 years. Dave is highly experienced in Aviation Engineering having worked on numerous projects including aircraft delivery/re-delivery.

  • Operations Manager Operations Manager

CloudCARDS Ltd. Is an Aircraft asset management company formed in April 2013.

Its initial focus was to develop a software platform to revolutionise the Aircraft Delivery, Re-Delivery & Asset Management process and lower costs for its customers. This software platform is called CARDS® (Civil Aircraft Remote Delivery Systems).

The commercial aviation sector is well known as a high end market for advanced technology and development. The benefits of aviation are undeniable in any economy of the world. This high tech business that involves the transportation of billions of people annually as well as cargo has to be regulated to ensure safety. This regulation, which is at international, national and local level, varies dramatically across the globe.

This globally fragmented regulation of the aviation sector and the regulation of the financial sector which facilitates its growth in recent years have resulted in hugely increased oversight by aircraft owners and lessors when managing an asset of such value as a commercial aircraft to ensure compliance with the lease.

CloudCARDS Ltd. is engaged in the technical management of commercial aircraft. This involves the in-depth understanding of aircraft leases from a technical point of view and of the airworthiness regulations. We continuously provide the oversight on the aircraft, prepare the aircraft for transition and manage it through the re-delivery or delivery process for the customer.

It was through this re-delivery & delivery business that a need for an efficient and transparent system became clear. After several years of development the software platform CARDS® was born.

The practical advantage of CARDS® is that it engages all parties, not only the party managing the aircraft transition but the MRO, the current aircraft operator and the next aircraft operator. With CARDS® these parties can identify the issues, show how the issues have been addressed, provide substantiation if required and finally, show acceptance that the issues are closed.

CARDS® is a software platform which reduces the overall time of the aircraft records & physical review, of the reporting of issues, the correction of issues and final acceptance. It allows for efficient remote review to the point that the aircraft hard copy records can be on a separate continent to the inspector taking delivery of the aircraft. This ensures that the inspector performing the review is working from their normal environment where all reference data is available on hand. Additionally, no time is lost with expensive travel to and from the delivery location, not to mention hotel costs, per-diem, phone costs, visa delays and the inconvenience of being way from home for extended periods.

Onsite with the aircraft, the physical inspection can be done in a timely manner with an immediately available view of the aircraft condition that can be sent or shared to the interested parties. The ability to include individual photographs, video of findings or just simply typed text, can all be performed in position at the aircraft on the tablet computer. This gives a very clear identification of issues in real time.

This prevents expensive and time consuming miscommunication as well as bridging language barriers. CARDS® facilitates the function to record the inspector's voice on video if required. This can be useful for interior and specifically seat related inspections. When using video communication the inspector must be mindful of the language of persons to whom the report is addressed if using this facility.

The design of CARDS® is user friendly, portable and works simply across many levels of computer experience, computer operating systems, I.T networks, physical locations and environments.

In addition as we all know, each party in an aircraft transition has their own agenda and priorities so it is important to ensure that the data entered is safe from unintentional edit, modification or viewing. This level of complexity is unavoidable when dealing with such high value assets. One has to consider also the time pressures against the aircraft delivery to avoid budget overruns thus transparency as well as confidence is paramount when using CARDS®.

CARDS® is designed to work using desktop, laptop or tablet computers with all the common operating systems as well as smart phones via the CARDS® application.

Each authorised user has access to; view only, create fields, add issues, address issues, upload substantiation data such as job cards, manuals, OEM feedback etc as well as comment and accept closure of the issue. The level of access is assigned at the start of the aircraft delivery project but it can be changed at any time by the CloudCARDS Ltd customer focal or the customer administrator themselves if they so wish.

CloudCARDS Ltd has an experienced team of aviation experts working together seamlessly in order to deliver this exceptional software platform, product support and reliable Technical Administration services to the aviation industry.

An additional aspect of CARDS® is the ability of the system to accept store and index the aircraft records on a cloud server with banking grade security and backup on separate tectonic plates to protect against national disaster. This allows the user to securely access the aircraft records at any time from where they can update, view, download or print. This gives the CARDS® system the rounded ability to control all aspects of the aircraft records archiving from its delivery into the airline until its re-delivery and provides easy access as well as a search facility.

The long term objective in CloudCARDS Ltd is to dramatically reduce the cost of aircraft asset management and improve the visibility as well as oversight the owner has on the asset.