• CloudCARDS Ltd. NEWS
  • CloudCARDS Ltd. are celebrating 3 years in business this April!!!

    IT's been three years since CARDS® was launched! We have trained over 650 users, all technical services engineers and asset managers. All users have enjoyed managing projects online and using our Mobile APP working offline for physical inspection successfully. To date CARDS® has been used succesfully on over 50 aircraft re-deliveries. Thanks for choosing us!

    CloudCARDS Ltd. Has joined the ATA e-Business Program!!

    CloudCARDS Ltd is now a member on the ATA Electronic Aircraft Transfer Records Project Team.

    CARDS® Has been Launched!!

    We are delighted to announce the official launch of the production version of CARDS®.
    The evolution and development of CARDS® has taken thousands of man hours and following the successful testing of the system with four live Aircraft deliveries it has proven to be a very useful tool for everyone involved.

    If you are looking to use CARDS® on your fleet with the enterprise version then please use the contact us form or email sales@cloudcards.ie. Alternatively you can purchase a single Aircraft Delivery/Re-delivery licence here from our website.

    Aviation Safety Improvements using CARDS®